Solar Salt Properties

This property package supports property calculations for Solar salt in a sensible-heat thermal energy storage system. Solar salt is a binary mixture for nitrate salts, i.e., 60% by wt. of NaNO3 and 40% by wt. of KNO3. This property package supports calculations for the following properties for Solar salt within the temperature range of 513 - 853 K [1] [2]:

  1. Specific Enthalpy

  2. Density

  3. Specific Heat Capacity

  4. Dynamic Viscosity

  5. Thermal Conductivity

Flow basis: Mass

Units: SI units

State Variables: The state block has the following 3 state variables:

  1. Mass flow rate (kg/s) - flow_mass

  2. Pressure (Pa) - pressure

  3. Temperature (K) - temperature


[1] 2008, Ferri et al., Molten salt mixture properties in RELAP5 code for thermodynamic solar applications. Int. J Ther. Sci., (47) 1676 - 1687

[2] 2015, Chang et al, The design and numerical study of a 2MWh molten salt thermocline tank. Energy Procedia 69, 779 - 789

class*args, **kwds)
  • rule (function) – A rule function or None. Default rule calls build().

  • concrete (bool) – If True, make this a toplevel model. Default - False.

  • ctype (class) –

    Pyomo ctype of the block. Default - pyomo.environ.Block

    Config args

    A reference to an instance of the Property Parameter Block associated with this property package.


    Flag indicating whether the state should be considered fully defined, and thus whether constraints such as sum of mass/mole fractions should be included, default - False. Valid values: { True - state variables will be fully defined, False - state variables will not be fully defined.}


    Flag indicating whether phase equilibrium constraints should be constructed in this state block, default - True. Valid values: { True - StateBlock should calculate phase equilibrium, False - StateBlock should not calculate phase equilibrium.}

  • initialize (dict) – ProcessBlockData config for individual elements. Keys are BlockData indexes and values are dictionaries with config arguments as keys.

  • idx_map (function) – Function to take the index of a BlockData element and return the index in the initialize dict from which to read arguments. This can be provided to override the default behavior of matching the BlockData index exactly to the index in initialize.


(SolarsaltStateBlock) New instance