Electrical Splitter

The DISPATCHES Electrical Splitter Model represents operations where a single flow of electricity is split into multiple flows using split fractions. This Electricity Splitter Model is similar to the IDAES Separator unit model except that the inlets and outlets are electricity flows without any material properties.

Degrees of Freedom

The Electrical Splitter Model has \((no. outlets - 1)\) degrees of freedom.

Typical fixed variables are the split fractions.

Model Structure

The Electrical Splitter Model uses electricity flow balance to split the inlet stream into a number of outlet streams. The model has a single inlet Port (named electricity_in) and a user-defined number of outlet Ports, which by default are named outlet_1_elec, outlet_2_elec, etc. Outlets can also be created with custom names using an outlet_list in the configuration.


The Electrical Splitter Model uses the following variables (\(o\) indicates index by outlet):

Variable Name






outlet_1_elec, …

\(O_{t, o}\)



Sum of split_fraction is 1:

\[I_{t} =\sum_o O_{t, o}\]

Electrical Splitter Class

class dispatches.unit_models.elec_splitter.ElectricalSplitter(*args, **kwds)

Splits electricity flow into outlet stream

  • rule (function) – A rule function or None. Default rule calls build().

  • concrete (bool) – If True, make this a toplevel model. Default - False.

  • ctype (class) –

    Pyomo ctype of the block. Default - pyomo.environ.Block

    Config args

    Dynamic model flag - must be False


    Holdup construction flag - must be False


    A list containing names of outlets, default - None. Valid values: { None - use num_outlets argument, list - a list of names to use for outlets.}


    Argument indicating number (int) of outlets to construct, not used if outlet_list arg is provided, default - None. Valid values: { None - use outlet_list arg instead, or default to 2 if neither argument provided, int - number of outlets to create (will be named with sequential integers from 1 to num_outlets).}


    Add split fraction variables. Set it to True if these variables are needed

  • initialize (dict) – ProcessBlockData config for individual elements. Keys are BlockData indexes and values are dictionaries with config arguments as keys.

  • idx_map (function) – Function to take the index of a BlockData element and return the index in the initialize dict from which to read arguments. This can be provided to override the default behavior of matching the BlockData index exactly to the index in initialize.


(ElectricalSplitter) New instance