Wind Power

The DISPATCHES Wind Power Model calculates the electricity production from a wind farm using wind resource data and the PySAM Windpower module. The model assumes a single turbine with a powercurve from the ATB Turbine 2018 Market Average. Wake effects are not modeled, and PySAM’s default losses are assumed. The power output of the entire farm of any size is calculated by scaling the output from the single turbine.

Degrees of Freedom

The Wind Power Model has 0 degrees of freedom.

Model Structure

The Wind Power Model uses the wind resource data and the single turbine to calculate a capacity_factor that is then used to scale the electricity output of a wind farm of any size. The wind resource data is provided via the ConfigBlock as a resource_probability_density, a probability density function of wind speed [m/s] and wind direction [degrees clockwise from N] indexed by time. The setup_atb_turbine function provides turbine parameters to PySAM and can be modified to simulate a turbine with a different hub height and power curve.


The Wind Power Model uses the following variables:

Variable Name







Parameter determined via PySAM simulation



Electricity to outlet


Electricity output scales with system_capacity:

\[E_{t} = S \times C_{t}\]

Wind Power Class

class dispatches.unit_models.wind_power.Wind_Power(*args, **kwds)

Wind plant using turbine powercurve and resource data

  • rule (function) – A rule function or None. Default rule calls build().

  • concrete (bool) – If True, make this a toplevel model. Default - False.

  • ctype (class) –

    Pyomo ctype of the block. Default - pyomo.environ.Block

    Config args

    Wind plant does not support dynamic models, thus this must be False.


    Wind plant does not have defined volume, thus this must be False.


    For each time in flowsheet’s time set, wind speed [m/s]


    For each time in flowsheet’s time set, a probability density function of Wind speed [m/s] and Wind direction [degrees clockwise from N]


    Capacity Factor in a list for each Timestep in model

  • initialize (dict) – ProcessBlockData config for individual elements. Keys are BlockData indexes and values are dictionaries with config arguments as keys.

  • idx_map (function) – Function to take the index of a BlockData element and return the index in the initialize dict from which to read arguments. This can be provided to override the default behavior of matching the BlockData index exactly to the index in initialize.


(Wind_Power) New instance