Wind-Battery-Hydrogen Hybrid Conceptual Design

The Renewable Case Study looks at hybridizing a Wind plant with battery storage and hydrogen production for both storage and sales.

The simplest wind-battery-hydrogen plant is modeled as a wind plant with battery and a PEM electrolyzer in dispatches/renewables_case/ The electricity flow from the wind is split among charging the battery, producing hydrogen via the PEM and selling directly to the grid. This model is built using the Wind Power, Battery, PEM Electrolyzer and Electrical Splitter unit models.

The hydrogen can be used for power production as well, by adding the Hydrogen Tank and Hydrogen Turbine unit models to the flowsheet. The conceptual design optimization code for this model is found at dispatches/renewables_case/ For an example Jupyter Notebook, please see dispatches/renewables_case/ConceptualDesignOptimization.pynb.